For over 30 years MLI International Schools has been welcoming students from all international cultures and backgrounds to Ireland. Our High School Programme is open to students aged 11-18 and we offer an extensive range of schools in Dublin and throughout the country.

Our aim is to provide a friendly, warm and welcoming environment for all our students. Ireland is the ideal country to study for an academic year or longer. Ireland has a long distinguished tradition in education with a high level of progression to third level education.

 We are famous for our hospitality and friendliness & we offer quality education at competitive prices.

The MLI team has a wealth of expertise and experience in placing students in Irish schools; we offer the best advice, training and support, from the pre-application stage to the end of the student’s stay.

We look forward to working with you and we welcome your feedback and comments. Assuring you of the highest level of service at all times.

MLI Guardianship Services

MLI High Schools Ltd is a founder member of the ‘The Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland’ (AGPI) –

AGPI was set up in 2016 by a group of accredited education providers in Ireland who identified the need to regulate the placement and guardianship of international students, aged 11-18, in Irish secondary schools. The AGPI defines and determines ‘best practice’ in the guardianship provider sector in Ireland.

Some of the guardianship services provided by MLI include:

  • Advice and assistance with the initial application to the school either directly or through one of our worldwide representatives
  • Arrangements for both the child and parents to visit Ireland and the school in advance, if requested
  • Placement in carefully selected and Garda (Police) checked host families.
  • Airport greeting and transfer to accommodation upon arrival. Airport transfers during school holidays and at the end of the academic year are included
  • Orientation week at the beginning of the school year including assistance in textbook and uniform purchase
  • Regular school and host family visits to each student. Monthly progress reports are sent to the parents/agent.
  • Academic support at all times including help with subject choices and extra English language courses may be arranged during the school year if deemed necessary
  • Medical insurance (non-EU students) and support with any medical matters – doctor/dentist visits etc
  • Attendance at parent/teacher meetings on behalf of parents
  • 24-hour emergency phone service
  • For non-EU students, GNIB registration and visa extension is provided
  • Half term and holiday accommodation arrangements for boarders and day-pupils
  • Maintenance of contingency fund if required

Education In Ireland

Ireland has a long history of welcoming international students going back more than a thousand years.  We continue that proud and historic tradition today, and for the past 50 years Ireland has been a location of choice from students around the world.

An education in Ireland is a transformational experience, which adds significant value to the personal development and economic potential of our graduates and binds them to the global Irish family, a network which will continue to be open to them no matter where in the world they travel.

Former US President Barack Obama has called the Irish people “among the best educated in the world”. Education is now regarded as a central plank in the economic, social and cultural development of Irish society.

The school year in Ireland is approximately nine months long, from September to June. It is divided into three terms:

Term 1: September to December

Term 2: January to March/April

Term 3: April- June

High School Cycle

There are three main parts to the High School cycle in Ireland. The Junior Cycle, The Transition Year and the Senior Cycle. 

Junior Cycle
The Junior Cycle includes first, second and third years and leads to the Junior Certificate Examination (external state examination). Students start the first year of secondary school at the age of 12 having completed two years of
pre-primary and six years of primary school.

Transition Year
Transition year forms a break between the Junior Cycle and the Senior Cycle. The course varies from school to school but is usually less academic than other school years. It is an excellent year for international students to begin High School studies, as it provides valuable opportunities to develop English language ability and life skills and allow for personal development without the pressure of preparing for a state exam.

Senior Cycle
Fifth and sixth year form the senior cycle. At the end of the two years, students take the Leaving Certificate Examination, which is the examination necessary for high school graduation and university entrance in Ireland. Students normally sit for this examination at the age of seventeen or eighteen. The Leaving Certificate is also recognised and highly regarded by academic institutions in the UK, Europe and the
United States.

Accommodation: Boarding

MLI international schools has an established and reliable relationship with a number of Boarding Schools, Private Day Schools and State Schools. They are accustomed to welcoming MLI students. 

The boarding option gives students the opportunity to live in a caring and supportive community with their co-students where there are plenty of opportunities for recreation and sport. Normally this is dormitory accommodation with approximately two to six students per room. All meals are provided.

5-Day Boarding
Some schools only provide boarding accommodation from Sunday until Friday (5 nights per week). In this case, MLI will place the student with a local host family from Friday to Sunday and during school holidays.

7-Day Boarding
7 Day boarding schools offer full-time boarding accommodation and organise weekend activities for the students. Most boarding schools will however have several exodus weekends during the academic year. MLI will provide host family accommodation for our students during exodus weekends and during school holidays if required.


Host family accommodation allows the student to experience Irish family life and culture. The MLI Accommodation Officer carefully selects Host Families where students will feel particularly welcome. All meals are provided.

MLI inspects the family homes on a regular basis to ensure everything provided is to the highest standard possible. All host families are Garda (Police) checked as per AGPI regulations.

MLI also provides host family accommodation to 5-Day and 7-Day boarders during exodus weekends, mid-term breaks (2 weeks per year) and Easter holidays.

Host family accommodation is not provided during Christmas holidays.

School Holidays
Irish Secondary Schools close for two weeks at Christmas and at Easter. If a student decides to stay in Ireland during the Easter holidays, host family accommodation for this period is included in the fees. Accommodation is not offered by MLI during the Christmas holidays. Mid-term breaks are for one week at the end of October and in mid-February. Host family accommodation is included during the mid-term breaks at no extra cost. If the student decides to go home during these holidays, airport transfers are provided by MLI at no additional cost.

Partner Schools

MLI international schools has an established and reliable relationship with a number of Boarding Schools, Private Day Schools and State Schools. They are accustomed to welcoming MLI students. 

We work with over 30 Public, Private and Boarding schools throughout Ireland.

We look the needs of each individual student to propose the best choice of school for them.

We promise to give the choice of at least 3 suitable schools to each student to choose from.

It was a really big thing to come from Spain to Ireland and I was very nervous.My host family is very nice and kind and I am friends with Ava my host sister. I like my school it is not like my school in Madrid the teachers are nice to me and I like my class. We go on trips with other exchange students at the weekend and Nicole my Advisor helps and supports us .The weather is different and the food also but now I like it. Dublin is a great City and I like it a lot.

Ana Clara, Garcia

I’m very happy with my experience here in Ireland. MLI school is excellent they organized all my stuff for my High School my books and uniform. The school is good and I worked hard. My favorite subject was history it is so interesting to me. My friend Sam was also here from China and we stay in touch with the other exchange students. My host mother Sandra is so nice and I was happy with my room and the house my Host Father Brian and host brother James took me to see an Irish football match. It was cool.I am home now and really want to come back to Ireland again soon.

Jenny, China

My studies in Ireland are going well.  I communicate and am friends with many of the students in my school.  There are subjects in the school curriculum that I have not seen and they are interesting to me, so far I like everything.

Glib, Ukraine