MLI High School Students Shine in Showcasing Ireland’s High School Programme

Feb 7, 2024 | News

In a commendable display of creativity and collaboration, a group of enthusiastic high school students recently banded together to produce a captivating video highlighting the essence of the High School Programme in Ireland. Led by Transition Year (TY) student Lauren from Holy Faith School Clontarf, the project aimed to shed light on the diverse and enriching experiences that high school students in Ireland encounter.

Lauren, with her leadership and organizational skills, played a pivotal role in steering the project towards success.

The day’s events culminated in a delightful gathering at the Epic Museum, where the students, along with Lauren, had the opportunity to unwind and celebrate their achievement. As a token of appreciation for their hard work, the day concluded with a treat for everyone, from Starbucks. The combination of a well-executed project, a scenic location, and the enjoyment of Starbucks treats created lasting memories for the students involved.

As the applause resonates for the collaborative effort, a special shoutout goes to Lauren—Well Done! Your leadership and dedication have not only contributed to the success of this project but also showcase your potential for a bright future ahead. The video is expected to serve as an invaluable resource for prospective students, providing them with insights into the High School Programme and fostering a sense of community within the educational landscape. The efforts of these talented students not only highlighted the vibrancy of the program but also showcased the potential for creativity and collaboration among high school students in Ireland.