Centre Manager (CM)

The Centre Manager is responsible for the smooth running of all aspects of the centre, establishing procedures and solving problems quickly and efficiently. This is a residential position and duties will include supervising students in their residences.

The CM must be aware of everything that is happening at the centre and keep communication channels to Head Office open. The Centre Managers role is a position of responsibility, you will be monitoring all aspects of the programme, accommodation, food and student welfare. This position requires enthusiasm, management skills, problem solving and leading a team. Attendance at management training days are essential.

All Centre Managers must have read and understood the Centre Manager handbook, MLI policies and procedures and be fully conversant with our policies for the welfare and protection of children. At all times whilst on duty, you are responsible for the care, welfare and safety of students whilst ensuring they are following school rules.

Main Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Overall management of the centre to ensure that a high-quality programme is delivered, following our guidelines closely.
  • Overseeing the Director of Studies and Activity Coordinator/Activity Leaders to ensure effective management of all staff.
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with staff, clients and centre staff.
  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of all students, staff and group leaders. This includes the updating of risk assessments and emergency procedure plans.
  • Focus on providing a quality service and customer satisfaction.
  • Reporting to the Operations Manager/ Regional Manager on a weekly basis.
  • Responsible for all rooming allocations, meal times, staff rota’s and group arrivals/departures.
  • Upholding high levels of professionalism


At all times whilst on duty, the CM is responsible for the care, welfare and safety of students

  • Lead and participate in the Staff Induction Day on site, usually two or three days prior to the students’ arrival.
  • Ensure that the organisation of the centre, courses and welfare of staff and students, comply with accreditation and quality bodies guidelines. (Documents available on-site).
  • Establish and maintain clear lines of management and effective procedure, and work closely with your Team to achieve this.
  • Manage the provision of good customer service according to customer needs of our client. Represent MLI positively in all conversations with clients, staff, and the hostcentre.
  • Control expenditure of the budget and maintain accurate accounts.
  • Liaison with host school regarding catering issues, use of areas within the school, booking of facilities, damage, and any other issues related to the hire and use of the host’s facilities.
  • Ensuring that sufficient transport has been arranged for airport transfers.
  • Dealing with enquiries from group leaders, parents, agents, students, and staff.
  • Write an end of centre report to be submitted to HO within five days after the closing of the centre.
  • Close the centre, pack and return all MLI stock and unspent centre monies accordingly.
  • Ensure that all MLI Health & Safety policies are implemented and monitored.


  • Ensure the centre office is functioning and secure at all times.
  • Create a positive team atmosphere and motivate the staff effectively.
  • Carry out staff appraisals, and ensure high levels of performance are maintained
  • Ensure that accurate data on staff is maintained according to the CM manual.
  • Resolve any problems with staff or complaints from group leaders. Contact with Operations Manager before any discipline procedures.
  • Liaison with Head Office accounts on payroll matters.
  • As part of your end report include a personnel evaluation on each MLI team member.

Welfare & Safeguarding

  • Monitor staff/student safety and welfare
  • Carry out night time duties on a rota basis.
  • Allocate and monitor all residential accommodation with the assistance of your team.
  • Ensure that sufficient members of staff are allocated in each house to maintain a rota of student supervision.
  • Monitor all non-residential students and check that their transport is operating effectively (if applicable).
  • Be up-to-date on all welfare information given to host families and English and /or Irish welfare guidelines, especially for juniors.
  • Must be fully aware of all published emergency procedures in case of fire, accident etc.
  • Ensure fire drills are held in co-operation with your centre during the summer.
  • Ensure that students and staff all follow the rules about smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs according to MLI Induction, safeguarding policy and staff/student handbooks.
  • Undertake the role of Designated safeguarding person (DSP). This requires the completion of a Safeguarding Basic Awareness Level 1 Training online. As DSP you will be responsible for handling any safeguarding concerns throughout the centre. You will have training in how to deal with this.
  • Ensure that all MLI Health & Safety policies are implemented and monitored.

Other Duties

  • Write a final report to be submitted to HO no later than five days after the closing of the centre.
  • Carry out weekly meetings with Group leaders.
  • Additional duties as required.
  • Complete facilities check prior to students arriving on Centre.

MLI International Schools is fully committed to the safety of the children who take part in our programmes. All contracted staff are asked to complete DBS, PVG or Guarda Vetting check and all applicants are required to provide two references. Reference requests will ask specifically whether there is any reason that you should not be engaged in situations where you have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18. You will need to explain any gaps in your CV. Evidence of eligibility to work in the UK must be provided at interview stage. The cost of the DBS/PVG/Guarda Vetting will be split between MLI and yourself.

This role meets the requirements in respect of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. All applicants who are offered employment will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Serviced check before the appointment is confirmed. This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings as well as convictions.

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