Rosemont School, Dublin

The Centre

At Rosemont, we run two courses: a Junior Immersion course for students aged 10-13 whereby the students join local Irish children of a similar age at local camps in the mornings and then have English tuition on-site in the afternoons. This provides students with a unique opportunity to socialise with Irish children and practise and improve their English skills naturally.

We also run an Intensive English Plus course for senior students aged 14-17 years old, which offers 20 hours of English tuition per week including five hours of Cambridge exam preparation. This programme then offers an additional six hours of workshops, with the choice of basketball, tennis, cookery, drama and dance.


Rosemont is a beautiful, modern school founded in 1977 by a group of local parents. It is in a residential area creating a safe and convenient setting for this homestay centre.