Rosemont School, Dublin

The Centre

Rosemont is a beautiful, modern school founded in 1977 by a group of local parents. It is in a residential area creating a safe and convenient setting for this homestay centre.

Students stay with local families situated within 45-50 minutes easy travelling distance. Our families have lots of experience in hosting students and have mostly worked with us for many years. Irish families are very warm and friendly and look forward to welcoming our students into their homes and introducing them to the Irish culture.

At Rosemont we wish to integrate students as much as possible and therefore run English classes and activities on-site during the day, as well as visits around Dublin and full-day excursions at the weekends. We encourage students to stay with their families in the evenings to take advantage of the homestay experience.

There is an option at this centre for younger students to attend local activity camps with Irish children as part of their programme.