As soon as I stepped out of the airplane I fell in love with the people here, they are friendly and don’t think twice about giving you information or directions. The first day I was excited to see every bit of Dublin and even though i have been here for more than a week I still am, even about stupid things like some graffiti that I haven’t seen or the little narrow streets. The thing that i liked most is temple bar, a little part of the city where everything is unique and i always feel like I’m in a movie where there is always a song playing in the background and a 90’s atmosphere.

I am not ready to leave this place, the big yellow buses, all the brick houses, the pink and blue doors, the Starbucks in every corner and all the statues around the city. I love every single place here. I also enjoyed waking up at six thirty and coming home tired after a long day of walking around the city. I loved my host mom, Joan ,a lovely lady who always cooked for us and gave us all the privacy and freedom we needed. I will miss the trips to Tesco at 6.30 pm just to buy sweets and chocolate and the weekends that had long days and even longer nights. I’ll miss working at the different offices and searching all the information about the most important things to see, giving our opinion and experiencing it as a work, of course, but also as a pleasure, because getting to discover the city under different points of view is like a privilege.

The thing I’ll miss most is looking at the skylight and seeing the spire that looks almost like a star, which always burns bright in the sky of Dublin.

This trip has been amazing and I love Ireland ,Dublin, Irish people and their culture and i really hope to come back here in a few years and remember all the things we did.
I’ve never been abroad before this two weeks and this is a good start, so things can only get better, but Ireland will have a special place in my heart, as my first trip.